chef salad…tossed please!

It’s mid-April, we’ve faced the Yankees six times and already there’s a new chapter in the saga that is the Boston/New York rivalry…this time of course it was the Gary Sheffield fiasco last Thursday coming in the eigth inning of what was already turning out to be a circus of a baseball game…but then again, sox/yanks, would you expect any less?

When captain Varitek…hmmm, that sure has a nice ring to it, hit that line drive to right, I thought something to the effect of "good hit tek"…what I did not think was "wow nice hit, now someone quick, when Sheffield goes after it, show him your best jab!"

And I certainly didn’t follow up with "yea sheff, hit him back, throw the ball in, and then go back for some more!!" …

And so it begins…do we blame the fan or was Sheffield out of line to go back and get in the guy’s face again? Whether or not the fan hit him on purpose doesn’t matter…he hit sheff, interfered with a live play and got what he deserved which was only a personal escort to yawkey way courtesy of Fenway security, who I’m sure like the rest of us, secretly wished we could know what it feels like to hit a yankee!

It’s mid-April…next move: get Mariano Rivera’s name on the ballot for the 10th man award! Six down, 13 more to go…let the games begin!!


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    Cool site! I am surfing around on the web today checking the baseball blogs.
    I saw your Sox visit my Jays back in April, and will see them again on their next visit to Toronto.

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