No-mar thoughts…

I was in the car listening to the Sox game when I heard something to the effect of "Nomar Garciaparra had to be carried off the field after collapsing in front of the batter’s box…"

Of course I hear this and my mind starts racing with what, why, how?! Come to find out that he’s now out for 2-3 months with a groin injury after volunteering to bat sixth in the lineup in an effort to help his team out…go figure.

I thought I was over Nomar…I thought I could say "fine go ahead and leave us, we don’t need you anyway!"…I thought I was ok with him sporting another uniform…I thought I could move on and not be concerned with his progress either way but I was wrong!

I, like many other Sox fans, still hold a spot near and dear in my baseball loving heart for Nomah! Number 5, you had me at ‘Hello.."


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    I grew up in Vermont…but went to kindergarden in Merrimack, NH before moving up here many, many moons ago. I happened to be watching the Cubs game the night Nomar got hurt, like you, I have not been able to let #5 go. It wasn’t fun to watch and my heart goes out to the guy…he’s had a rough couple of years. My personal theory is that he’s always been a bit on the outside and I can relate to that. I hope he heals right and gets back on the field as soon as possible.

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