Sting Rays?

Aahhh…the joy of baseball. Hitting batters unintentionally…hitting them in retaliation…hitting batters intentionally…charging the mound…bench clearing brawls..ejections…you’ve gotta love it.

If I’m a Devil Ray, I know my season won’t be all that exciting so why not mess with the World Champs…at least the fans will have something to talk about.

I’m not gonna lie about it, Sunday’s game made me feel good. I liked seeing Big Papi get all riled up to charge the mound.

I liked Trot Nixon angry in the dugout…it made my day, like "Yea, go ahead and mess with the champs, do it, come on."

Of course, the icing on the cake, Jay Payton’s grand slam after replacing Trot who was ejected…take that you young little Devil Rays!

Add on a couple long bombs from Manny and Papi and you’ve got yourself a ballgame…well, in Sunday’s case, something like that 🙂




    Im not sure I can handle a Red Sox blog. I spend the whole time trying to hear a Boston/NE accent.

    Nothing on Pedro? He didn’t come to the ring ceremony, right? Guess he had to pitch or something…for someone else. At least it wasnt the evil ones.

    Will Bellhorn and Millar ever hit a Home run?


    The Red Sox did it intentionally. And what was Lou gonna do, just watch his young team do nothing? If the Red Sox are trying to teach them a lesson, this ain’t it, they better act mature.

  3. Jake

    Yes, Arroyo did pitch with the intention to hit the second batter he hit, but not the first. He led the AL in hit batters last season, he goes inside. The d-rays chose to retaliate to his unintentional bean probably because they had been throwing at us the whole series. The day before Kazmir hit Manny and Millar, the same two players he hit to earn an ejection the last time he pitched against us down there.

  4. Gordon

    I was at the game. Saw all three of them — the only Sox games I’ll see all season, since I’m living in Georgia. After losing the first two, it was very sweet watching the bean-ball duel, with us coming out on top. Six game suspension for Arroyo? So he misses a start and we gotta move the rotation around. He’s still the hottest pitcher in town.
    Read my lips: Miller will perform, Schilling and Wells will heal, and Foulke will find his groove. Clement will go to the bullpen and give them new life. All is good in Red Sox Nation.

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