Rain Rain…

Maybe the rainout is a sign from the baseball gods above…that we need to stop losing to teams like Baltimore and Tampa Bay!

ps…was not happy about Arod’s one man show the other night either!

more to come later…stay tuned 🙂



  1. skuffmark40@aol.com

    A very nice Blog page you have here. About the throwing at another player wether a Yankee or a Devil Ray…this is wrong. Anyone that intentionally throws a ball at another player should be banned for life from the game. Why not charge the mound after you get purposely plunked, with your louisville slugger and smash the **** out of the pitcher with a few whacks to the head. That’s what it leads to eventually. It’s just ruining the game of baseball. Thanx for listening.

  2. maktak096@hotmail.com

    Im a little surprised you haven’t said anything about the Red Sox pitching staff will Wells and Now Schilling on the DL and Arroyo getting suspended the Sox rotation is looking like ****. But it looks like Miller is coming soon so hopefully well have a couple good starters

  3. bigdog@bostondirtdogs.com

    Umm, tell the MLB Police that “true BoSox fans” don’t refer to the Red Sox as the “BoSox.”

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