Month 2 already?

Schilling and Wells on the DL…Arroyo gets chosen as "the one" to make an example of and gets slammed with a six day suspension by the MLB powers that be. I still don’t feel completely at ease everytime Wakefield’s on the mound and Foulke’s been looking sloppy as of late. 

The pitching’s been hurtin’ lately…literally and figuratively. Just grin and bear it like the rest of Sox nation.

On the flipside, we know we can still depend on Wake, we know Bronson is only out for six days. Matt Clement’s numbers are stabilizing and Wade Miller’s been getting his act together quite nicely.

Too early in the season to lose sleep, but I’ve had many "Come on guys, you’re killin’ me…" moments already.

It’s May 1st folks, welcome to month two of this glorious baseball season…

PS- Trouble in Steinbrenner paradise? The Yanks drop another to Toronto and Georgie boy’s all in a tizzie with his "…they’re not playing like true Yankees…" awww, boo hoo.



  1. Gabrielle

    Of course something had to happen – last year none of our starters went on the DL. Two seasons in a row? we’re just not lucky enough for that.

  2. Jake

    What makes you uncomfortable with Wake on the mound? I have always found him to be one of our most consistant pitures. He isn’t going to have the high totals of some other guys, but you always know what you’re going to get with him, and it’s just about always something that gives the team a chance to win. I want nothing more than to have Schill and Wells back, but it’s not our starting pitching that concerns me.


    The Sox despiritely need to pick it up here, one month into the season and their flirting with the .500 mark. Although im in heaven with the Yankees misfortunes as of late, the Sox need to catch the O’s soon so they can run away with the division! Can’t wait for Schill and Wells to get back either. The starters aren’t getting far enough into the games and I’m not to happy with the way our relievers are pitching lately. Go Sox!

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