Knocking Rocker

Ok, I know this is a Red Sox blog but there are times where exceptions will be made…this is one of those times.
We all remember former Braves closer, John Rocker. Well, after reading the latest of his uncalled for antics (…picking a fight with a fan at a minor league game he pitched in), I was sent this, and I agree with it completely

"…Rocker is one of those guys that just gets on my nerves, he thinks that he’s a god’s gift to baseball and that he’s all high and mighty because he’s made a few million bucks.  Give me a break, if you ask me he doesn’t deserve to play baseball, not even in the minors.  There are plenty of guys out there that are more deserving of stepping on that mound, that will perform better for less money, and more importantly they would respect the game and the fans without whom there wouldn’t be baseball." (anonymous)

Thanks, I couldn’t have said it better myself…with the way he acts, you’d think Rocker was brought up with a pack of Yankees or something…sorry, had to get that in there 🙂


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