First off, welcome to the 400 club Mr. Ramirez, let me take your coat. 400 homeruns that is, so congrats to Manny for always "hittin’ em wicked haaaaad" as my fellow Bostonians would say.

Other noteworthy Sox sluggers of the weekend in Seattle include my boy Trot Nixon, who logged grand slam number 8 in the only win we came away with in three games.

My thoughts on Wade Miller seem to be getting more and more reassured with each start he’s had. Thus far, pitching has been something I’m not getting my hopes up about come gametime, part of me just doesn’t want to jinx things by thinking our bullpen will always come through, I’d rather just let them prove me wrong on their own.

I am, however, a lot more dependant on our offense. I’ve come to expect things from our bats and have a set of standards I like to hold them to. Don’t get me wrong, its not like our pitching has been horrendous, I just don’t feel as reassured when we’re on defense than when we’re up to bat.

I still think the "Cla Meredith project" needs to be given more time in triple A, especially now that he cultivated himself a nice little 27.0 ERA in less appearances than I would like to rehash.

Granted, good pitching is hard to find, and if it’s really there, let it grow and develop…just not at the expense of the Sox’ chances of winning games.

More to come…stay tuned…pretty soon we’ll be ringing in the month of June 🙂

PS-make sure everyone votes for their favorite Sox All-Star…so many choices, how do I choose?


One comment

  1. Jake

    the “Cla Meredith Project” definitly needs more time in AAA, and other than Timlin and Mantei, I think the rest of the pen needs some work too. They all have it, they just arent using it. But only a couple days after Manny becomes the 5th fastest player to knock 400, and keeping in mind that we’re further ahead of the yankees than Baltimore is of us, there isn’t too much worry on my mind. -jake http://www.rockoutwithyoursoxout.com

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