Double-O pinstripe?

I was never too fond of the whole David Wells signing in the first place, for obvious reasons, but Wednesday’s outing (if you can call it that) comfirmed my suspicions.
He’s a double agent working for Steinbrenner to sabotage the State of the Nation…I knew it all along.

I tried to warn people that anyone who has donned the pinstripes and said proclaims how much he hates pitching in fenway and he’d never do it and this and that, can not be trusted.

Seven runs in one plus inning after being on the DL for 22 days with no minor league rehab start, come on, last year he shutout the Sox and NY consecutively after being in the same predicament.

With those type of results, of course Francona’s not going to send him down to the minors..we all thought that would have been a waste of Wells’ arm, especially with him not having any problems when he threw off the mound last week.

It’s not like Oakland’s lineup in a surprise to Wells either, he’s had plenty of chances to pitch them while in NY so theres no reason he should have gotten knocked around like that.

Everyone has bad nights, I know that…but forgive me, he’s still a former member of the evil empire so I’m sticking to my theory!

So Happy Bday David Wells…number 42…let’s hope you can keep your ERA below that…thanks!!


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