Enough Already!

Can we please drop the whole Edgar Renteria issue already?

Fans…we’re ruthless, we don’t have a high tolerance level when guys aren’t performing, but don’t forget Renteria’s track record. The $40 million we’re giving him is a lot yes, but so are the 8 years of all star calibur performances he’s logged. Don’t huff and puff because he’s not doing his job, he’s in a slump…just like MIllar, and Mueller, and Bellhorn for that matter.  No one’s getting on Millar’s case for his ******** 2HR thus far. No one’s all over Bellhorn for still being the "strikeout king". Slumps are part a of baseball…this isn’t new to any of us…just have faith in Renteria like you’ve done with a lot of other guys.

Team…of course you’re going to come to his defense, that’s what teammates do. Don’t worry about it, you’ve all either seen this before…most of you have been in Renteria’s place before, being the recipient of those wonderful Fenway boos.  You know why we boo and you know it’s not the first time nor the last time you’ll see this…don’t be so suprised. Consider it a Boston right of passage or call it tough love…that’s all it is.

Besides…a .289 batting avg, over 80HR, and more than 500 RBIs speaks for itself, so enough already!!


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