Back on Track

Ok I kno it has been almost a month since my last entry, but what can I say? I’ve been busy…but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been watching the Sox-just not blogging regularly about them 🙂

Here we go, it’s June 20th and we’re a few weeks away from the All-Star Break. I still think Baltimore doesn’t have the pitching to withstand the dog days of August, let alone see this out until the end of the season…unless, of course, they are willing to put up some $$ to get some better arms. And trust me, if I were an Orioles fan, I’d be close to selling my firstborn just to know that Cal Ripken(great, no question, but mediocre in reality-his lifetime avg is only .270 and I’m sure if I played for more than 20 yrs, I’d knock 400 HRs too!) isn’t the Birds’ only claim to fame.

This leaves us 3 games behind a team I’m not worried about, the Yanks are now 5 games back but we’re only two ahead and it’s still very early in the season so enjoy it while you can!!

So, it’s a couple hours before gametime…we’ve just taken 2 out of 3 from the Pirates this weekend. We saw another strong outing from Clemente, the Mirabelli-Wakefield duo seems to be coming together nicely again, and if Wells keep pitching like the days of old, we should be okay until big Schill comes back!

More to come postgame…stay tuned!


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