You’re Killen Me!

Last night’s nailbiter was fitting since I had just had a conversation earlier that day about our bullpen woes. Good thing the bats kept us in that game…

Wells was touched for a few runs but overall a good outing, now if he can only be more consistent we could all be a more reassured every time he starts. One would think that with the hefty 5 run lead Wells left the bullpen, they could just go out and get the job done…one would think right?

After Myers gave up a run in the sixth, enter Embree who’s on top by 4 in the eighth..should be easy right?

Wrong…Embree’s struggles continue and we have to bring in Foulke to get things done! The problem with Foulke is he’s becoming too predictable, batters used to have a hard time against him but now they know what he’s bringing and they’re ready…make sense, he did, after all go from one AL team to another.

In the end, thanks to Manny and gang we came away with the W so there’s really not that much you can complain about…Damon’s HR, surprisingly only his third of the season, gets him up to .339 and moves him ahead of A-Rod whos batting .323 but has 19 HRs.

Final note…of course, one of my personal favorites of the night was the botched safe-at-home play that scored Bellhorn in the fifth…and who botched it: none other than, Aaron Boone…justice prevails, well at least a little bit for now 🙂


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