Hidden [Web]Gems

After beating the Indians in yet another tight game, we leave Cleveland with a clean sweep and it’s off to Philly to try to maintain our winning ways. While the bats kept the Sox afloat against one of the hottest teams in the National League these days, I did learn a few things.

First off, what happened to the Alan Embree we could count on? And not to mention, the Mike Timlin who knew how to get the job done? Yes, persevering through individual and collective slumps throughout the year are a part of the game, but enough is enough-these guys are no rookies. They have been around far too long to let a few bad outings jolt their confidence and make them so predictable to hitters. It’s a pressing issue that concerns me, somehow we’ve escaped unscathed these past three games, but how long should we have to hope for the clutch hit late in the game..this can not go on forever.

Second, Jay Payton has made it public that he wants to be traded-but after his last few games, do the Sox consider it? Sure Payton is used to being an everyday player and since the Sox have been using him sparingly as a bench player to fill different roles, it makes sense he would want to go somewhere else. But that’s why the Sox traded for him (much to Payton’s chagrin-call him an innocent bystander of a business deal) they need someone they can count on to shake things up.

Third, it’s nice to see Olerus getting more plate appearances and making the most of them. Same goes for Renteria, who seems to be coming along as the season unfolds…as far as the bullpen-we’ll just have to wait and see!


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