Still catching up

Picking up where I left off, we really can’t expect Schilling to come out and be the starter that he was right off the bat, so serving a real role in the bullpen not only benefits him but also boosts the struggling bullpen. Yes he’s gotten rocked his last three times out but the previous eight were classic Schilling gems…no one would say a thing if he was 8-3 as a starter, they’d say "He’s on his way to a 15 win season." but when he blows a few leads, everyone’s in a state of panic.

Relax, because don’t expect Foulke to come back and be the same dominator that he was last year. It will be a while before we see him come out as the closer on a regular basis and we’re not biting our nails until the last out is recorded. Foulke needs to take it slow in September so he can build up to where we need him to be in October.

Another move we should make is to switch Schilling and Timlin. I like the idea of having Schill come in for middle relief and letting TImlin wear the closer hat till Foulke is back. This way Curt gets more playing time and gets his arm stronger for when he is moved back into the starting rotation.

Once Schilling is back in the rotation,  I say we move Wade Miller to the bullpen as a long reliever since he’s been on and off with his injuries as of late and there’s no one else in the rotation I would want out.


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  1. Jake

    I agree that there is nobody other than Wade Miller I would like to see taken out of the rotation when Schilling comes back, but I also don’t want to see him in the bullpen. His first innings have been his toughest, and he usually gives up a run or two before he settles down. That can’t happen from the ‘pen. But then again, maybe he could take Mike Remlinger’s spot.

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