Crunch Time

Yesterday afternoon I had the wonderful privilege of attending the rubber game with the Tigers at Fenway. I still haven’t decided which was better: seeing one of my personal favorites, Bill Mueller blast one over the Green Monster or seeing Big Papi launch one to the farthest part of the field over the bullpens!

Maybe it was staying late after the game to catch the guys leaving in their snazzy cars…of course nothing tops Trot Nixon waving at me from his Mini Cooper 🙂

All in all it was a good win. Wells had a strong outing despite running up his pitch count very early in the game. The bats really came alive in the sixth inning and from there it was smooth sailing for reliever Chad Bradford and youngster Abe Alvarez, who came in and closed out the ninth.

Only negative of the day: the Yankees won so we’re still only a game and half ahead…hold on guys because September’s here and things are gonna get really good!!



    Even as a devoted Yankee fan, I will begin by saying congrats on 2004. However, you may have noticed the 2005 campaign for either teams, the sox or the yanks has been so far subpar. Sure the sox are in 1st place, but everyone knows they can play better –schilling is no where from his regular self, yet his mouth is running full speed ahead. Millar isnt the same (can someone distiguish between miller, mueller, millar ..what the ****) same with the yanks. However, seems like to me the Yanks are heating up. All throughout the season we’ve had unexpected injuries. At one point we had 1 starter from the original starting rotation! I dont remember any team ever having to deal with that. Yet with unexpected and remarkable help from relatively unknown players like Aaron Small, Shawn Chacon (watch out for him, he’s fearless. I expect him to play a big role in the sox-yanks rivalry just watch), and chin-ming wang (he’s all set to be back and in full force) etc the yankees are chipping away. The yankees starting pitchers had allowed less then 3 runs in the last 16 out of 18 games, and were playing with a deep focus. With that said, why do you (if you do) believe the sox will end up 1st place. It would really, really be heartbreaking if the sox hold onto 1st place ALL SEASON yet in the last couple weeks the yanks steals it away. =) Good day!


    My dear Sapna, I can say that of all the moments from Sunday, it really isn’t easy to choose a “favorite” moment. Nor should you have to. Each moment was wonderful in its’ own way. For starters, you had Mueller having a stellar game, not just with his home run; he had an amazing day defensively as well. Then of course was Papi’s wonderful homer (add to that two more from last night and he is no longer tied with Manny). But seeing all the boys drive away after the game was very fun too – I have to agree that Trot in his Mini was stellar!

    As of 1:00 this afternoon, we will be able to truly say goodbye to Mr Belhorn as he signs with the Yankees. And of course, we are now without Wells in the rotation while he sits out his suspension. We’re coming into the home stretch, let’s just hope they continue to play well at home this week.


    We live in deeds, not years: In thoughts not breaths; In feelings, not in figures on a dial. We should count time by heart throbs. He most lives Who thinks most, feels the noblest, acts the best. Do you think so?

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