Bye Bye Bellhorn

I never liked Mark Bellhorn, regardless of his contributions late in the playoffs last season, there was always something about him that rubbed me the wrong way. Maybe it was the fact that every time he batted I felt like I do when we’re in interleague play and it’s our pitcher at the plate, in other words I was automatically prompted to add another out to the inning’s total whenever Bellhorn batted.

What I loved was his classic Bellhorn way of taking the first two strikes in the count and then going swing happy on the next pitch he saw no matter how obvious of a ball it was! With all the Minor League coverage I’ve done this year I have to ask, how’d he even make it past single-A is what I want to know. I’ve seen far better second basemen playing in the farm leagues.

And second base isn’t exactly the most difficult of positions on the field. It’s not like he’s a shortstop that needs far more range and agility or thirdbase where your reflexes have to be impeccable. It’s not like he was the catcher where he would actually have to put some thought into some sort of a game plan or even have the judgement of an outfielder.

No, we put Bellhorn at second base where he could just mosey along an grab the occasional groundball or popup-even then he would have errors left and right!

And now the icing on the cake: Mark Bellhorn signs with the New York Yankees!! Hahaha, I have to laugh because now he can be their problem and we can enjoy the positive results we’ve seen from Tony Graffanino and Alex Cora 🙂



  1. Jake

    I agree that it was right for the Sox to release Bellhorn. He was having an aweful year, and when he went on the DL we found ourselves a great fit. But He isn’t the little leaguer your make him out to be. It’s unfair to assume that since he’s an “automatic out” in your head that he really was. If Papi is on the first and Manny is batting in my head it’s an “automatic double -play” But I still know Manny is one of the best hitters ever. I’m not likening Bellhorn to Manny, but just trying to make a point. His defense was also very underrated. He turned a very fast double play, and if he has been healthy and hitting decently all season, I bet he and Renteria would have made a run for some DP records. I’m happy the Yankmes will have to deal with the K’s but don’t look forward to seeing him in the post season. till then,


    Oh baby what happened today?? No offense but Renteria is NOT a good shortstop, most errors in the majors for a somewhat vetern player? Hmmm. Anyway tommorows game should be interesting, Shawn Chacon . THE MAN, he is a monster, if the sox / yanks gonna have another fight, he is surely the one who’ll ignite it.. watch for him.

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