OpeNinG DaY

Here we go, after a 9-20 spring training season, we’re all buckled up and ready for the 2006 Red Sox roller coaster.

Spring training this year was pretty uneventful really, unless you want to consider a couple tantrum-filled days from David Wells and the Julian Tavarez mixup eventful.

12 new faces that I’m pretty confident about are here and we saw a little taste of defensive improvements during yesterday’s season opener in Texas. Comparing Coco Crisp and Johnny Damon is, for lack of a better term, apples and oranges. One swings a better bat, arguably, and the other doesn’t have an arm the size of a peashooter…I’ll let you figure out who’s who.

There’s nothing nicer than Big Papi picking up right where he left off, and watching newest Gold Glover Jason Varitek have a solid day at the plate. Crisp’s defensive play in the final inning was a plus for shadowing Foulke’s somewhat shaky return to Ameriquest.

I’ll be checking in more often and trying to post every day when I’m not writing for, so keep the comments coming!!


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