Day 2

Ok, let’s not hash into whether or not Doug Mirabelli is relishing Josh Bard’s poor excuse of a game last night. Three passed balls in just four plus innings, two in the first inning, it was sad watching Bard try to adjust to a knuckler, which, let’s face it, was just not dancing.

So let’s throw out all the hype about how Bard and Wakefield were meant to be after their strong Spring Training debut and think about how many games this type of catching will have to go on.

When all else fails, we can always chaulk it up to Wake’s troubling starts at Ameriquest Field, who now moves to 4-10 in the stadium with a 5.95 ERA.

Don’t really know how confident I feel about Alex Cora starting at shortstop, well not that I’m all too confident about Alex Gonzalez either.

Tonight we see the debut of wonder-boy Josh Beckett. It should be interesting how this youngster fairs the relentless booing of Red Sox Nation the minute he has a bad night…oh, the joys of being a Sox pitcher.

But hey, we just boo them because we love ’em 🙂


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