It’s Dougieeee Time

Welcome home Doug, needless yo say we missed you. Call me cold but I don’t feel bad for Josh Bard, he did his best, he tried his hardest, blah blah. Just get him out of here and let him lose games for the Padres.

Last night’s game vs. the Yankees was no doubt the best of the season thus far, with all the melodrama of Damon coming back, Mirabelli coming here and getting naked in a state trooper’s backseat during a 12-minute ride from Logan to Fenway.

Cap it off with a great pitching effort by Wake and seeing Big Papi’s 3-run shot sail over the clean-cut head of Johnny Damon in the bottom of the eighth.

Little tidbit that made me laugh: Knowing Doug Mirabelli caught the first inning with no cup on. To quote the big Schill "He’s either the bravest guy out there or the dumbest one."

So tonight we see Wonderboy Josh Beckett take the mound after being spanked by Cleveland just a week ago. I’ll be at the game tonight, confident Wonderboy will bounce back and it’ll be a clean sweep of the first series in the ’06 saga.

Check back in after tonight’s festivities….


One comment


    The standing ovation he got that game made me think he was the second coming of Ted Williams. Hope you’re enjoying that .492 OPS. 😀

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