To count or not to Count?

There’s a reason managers use pitch counts. When Curt Schilling threw 133 pitches, he went over his pitch count and I don’t think he’s been the same since. It hasn’t been night and day such as Josh Beckett pre-Cleveland Indians and Josh Becket post-Cleveland Indians, but he certainly threw some meatballs in Yankee Stadium last night.

I don’t care how well you’re pitching, that’s what we have a bullpen for. Why risk a multitude of possible shaky starts for the sake of one win. Besides, if the starter’s doing so well, you should be leading and can depend on a combo of relievers to close the deal if need be.

So that’s just it, Francona should have never let Schilling start the last inning, we were leading, Cleveland’s offense had been shut down and the momentum wasn’t going to return in the final innings. Now you have Curt coming out and he doesn’t look the same, he’s hanging balls right over the plate, getting behind hitters early, and American League hitters will make him-and the Sox-pay.

It’s called pacing yourself…it’s only May and I’d like our pitchers ready to go come October, thank you very much!




    133 is way too many pitches. Maybe Francona has been taking pointers from Baker on how to ruin a pitcher’s career.


    Yeah, I agree. 133 pitches is much too many especially for Curt becasue of what he’s been through in the past so Francona should not be doing that and if he needs to work someone that hard he should get some more closers i mean right now theres 5-5 in the 13th inning and he has only ******* seanez and tavarez for bullpen…. how screwed up!

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