Catching up

Ok, I know I said-oops, I mean wrote- I’d blog more often and keep things updated more but hte wonderful world of is just keeping me so busy.

But seriously, I’ve still been watching the Sox regularly and still been forming opinions, just not sharing them with you all. So here goes, it’s the All-Star break and we’re 3 games up. It’s not the same as being 13 games up, but it’s no surprise and we Sox fans know all too well what it’s like to be strong in the first-half and fall flat on our faces post-All-Star break.

As for the Manny controversy, here’s the deal. Yes, I know it’s a big deal to the fans to see him play because it’s such an honor to be selected, but and here’s a big BUT, who say’s it’s mandatory?! No one, there is no rule that says players must play in the Classic if chosen, so quit the whining and just be glad the Sox didn’t let MLB know the night before the game, causing some other player to mess his three-days-off plans.

Seriously, Selig needs to stop complaining about Manny’s choice not to play and concentrate on cleaning up the sport. You’ve got bigger problems Bud, so leave Manny alone and go after the juicers for a bit.

Besides with all the cable advancements these days, it’s not like people all over the country don’t get a chance to watch players outside their areas play. It’s called the internet folks! So stop with the "But the All-Star game is my only chance to see the best players from other teams," excuse because it’s not anymore!

Ok, I have more thoughts on other things so I’ll just start a new post….


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    I am not a Sox fan. In my opinion the Red Soxs need more pitching. They need to get there bullpen straightened out. If none of this happens I hate to say that the Red Soxs don’t have a prayer of catching the Yankees. Give me your opinion.

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