Tangent time

Time for me to jump off topic for a quick second and write about Sunday’s FIFA World Cup match. First off, I’m psyched Italy won for plenty of reasons, one of whichhas to do with me deciding the Italian players were by far the best looking guys in the tourney (Yes, I know I’m supposed to be a professional, but jeez, I’m still a girl).

I just can’t resist weighing on the whole Zidane issue, which I had gotten over until the subject was reopened while I was at the office today and my co-sports reporter Matt and hashed it out.

Yes, Zidane is perhaps one of the best players of the game, but that does not mean he has license to lose control whenever he feels like it. Look, I don’t care what Marco Materazzi said-and trust me, I’ve heard the different theories: something about Zidane’s mother, his sister or calling him a terrorist. Heck, I even heard the one about Materazzi giving Zidane a ‘****** tweak’-you don’t just randomly head-butt the guy in the chest and put your team in jeopardy like that.

Bad move by someone who’s supposed to be the team leader. We all know the outcome could’ve been much different had he been around during the shootout.

Alls well that ends well, I guess; Zidane wins the Golden Ball while the Italians-oh those good looking stallions-take home the big prize.

Okay back to baseball, though I would like to hear thoughts on this too…..


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