It has begun

I say at the beginning of every season but this time I mean it, I promise.

I am going to blog on a regular basis.

As recent events have left my schedule wide open, it just means I have more time to devote to my mistress, or mister, the Red Sox. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not just here because my dance card is on hiatus for a while, but because there’s a certain something in the air. It’s that baseball-in-April feeling, the one I’ve been waiting for since the Patriots broke my heart  (something I’m still reeling over) on a cold January evening in Indianapolis.

I admit I haven’t had too much time to watch Spring Training games and did miss Schilling’s "beauty" on opening day, but last night’s game with Beckett on the mound and today’s Daisuke debut have had me sitting in front of the t.v. with my yearly this-is-our-year feeling. It’s the top of the eighth and just as I’m wondering where last night’s offense was, the Royals answered. Three KCesque defensive plays have allowed us to pull ahead, 4-1, with the bases loaded and two outs.

It’s only the third game of ’07, I know, but being able to convert on opponents’ mistakes just wasn’t something we could do last year. Picking up two runs on three errors is exactly the kind of we’re-not-down-til-the-final-out attitude I missed from last season’s squad.

There’s a new sense of refreshed energy in these parts…the Red Sox season has officially begun…


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    Ok missy, I recall you telling me you were going to blog after each game this time. It is now 4/16/07 and the last blog you posted was 4/05/07. . . I believe, no, I know there have been more games than that (I was even at two of them). Lets get going on these posts, I need breaks from doing work every now and then to read what you have to say!!!

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