I told you so…

After a much-needed, friendly reminder from one of my No.1 fans (you know who you are!) I’m holding true to my message that I’ll blog more this season. But before I get into it, let me explain why I was such a slacker the past few weeks. I don’t like to blog unless I’ve been watching the games, I hate those people that watch the highlights and check the box scores and then think they can just recite that and it’s good blog-fodder. So I like to make sure I at least have an in-depth idea of what’s going on before I sit and post.

Watching the third game at Toronto, I like what Julian Tavarez is doing so far…but it’s only the bottom of the third. One inning at a time, Julian, that’s all I can hope for!

Toot-my-own-horn notice: I like seeing Adam Lind and Aaron Hill do well for the Jays and I like to tink it has a little to do with my stellar coverage of them when they were with the New Hampshire Fisher Cats (Double-AA Toronto team) for MiLB.com.

Okay, that was my "look I’ve talked to them before they were big shots" moment. Every now and then I’ll have them when I see one of the many Minor Leaguers I’ve chatted with in the Bigs. PS…great 1-4-3 double play set off by Tavarez…keep it going Julie Jules!!


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