Double Sided?

After the last three nights of yelling-so-loud-it’ll-take-a-week-for-my-voice-to-come-back baseball, I didn’t think it was possible to hate Yankee fans any more. But an early morning conversation with a friend (no, he really is a friend despite his loyalty to baseball teams) about the first Sox-Yanks series.

And his comments got me so fired up, it changed the entire basis for my original post. When he made his point about our three best starters not having their best starts, "We scored a lot of runs on your three top guys," and kept reminding me that starting pitching isn’t always a gaurantee when you have legitamate arms, I agreed. There’s nothing that secures a "W" just because your last name is Schilling or Beckett.

But then when he tried to point out we beat two rookies and things were going to be much different when Mussina and Wang return, I couldn’t help but point out the hypocracy most Yankees fans are guilty of. So, it’s okay for you to have a dangerous lineup and rely a lot on offense, but not okay when the Sox do it?

And just because you’re a consistent starter and have a proven track record, it still means you can get rocked on any given outing…but that rule doesn’t apply to Mussina and Wang when they come back?

And make up your mind: how is it that your so proud of your offense scoring runs off our three guys but yet "We had at least three automatic outs so that was a big reason we lost." Figure it out: "You guys had a huge starting pitching advantage" versus "You should be troubled by their performances, because none pitched good games."

Oh and let’s not forget the wonderful conundrum that is: "Rivera is 38 years old and hadn’t pitched in like a-week-and-a-half. I know you guys fear him." in the same conversation as "Schilling is showing his age and isn’t a threat to us anymore."Wait let me get this, so we fear Rivera, who’s getting old, but Schilling doesn’t hold any more clout with you, because he’s getting old?!

Yankee fans, make up your minds. At least we Sox fans are either 100 percent optimistic and the team can do NO wrong, or we’re "they’re all bums and the season’s done!" At least we love or hate the team (at different times) whole-heartedly-no wishy-washiness here, unlike some other fans I know…

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    Ok missy!!! What happened to posting more this season than last? It’s been over a month. What else am I supposed to read??? 😦

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