My (valiant) comeback!

Yes, I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted and I’m flirting dangerously close to the I’ve-broken-my-new-baseball-season-resolution line (too bad that’s the closest thing to ‘flirting’ i’ve done in a while) but I’m not quite there yet.

But I do have my reasons for not keeping this updated. First off, I just returned from the rainy, wet and cold-as-a-Patriots-playoff-game London. Despite the fact I thought it would be warm in say, the end of May, the trip was a success. So much so, we deemed it the "best-worst trip." Enough of that, though, let’s get down to some baseball-business.

I just got home from covering a high school semifinal game (that went into extra innings, forcing me to freeze on a June-night and then go speak with the losing coach and the pitcher who blew the game…not fun) so now’s the perfect time to blog-it-out (stolen from a Michael original from The Office).

Stayed up the past two nights to watch the Sox disappoint me from across the country. Already, I’m finding myself ****** into that "no honey, give me another chance. I promise i won’t let you down…" relationship with the boys. Usually it takes me time to jump on the roller coaster (i know, but at least i’m not afraid of roller coasters, unlike someone i know) in an effort to keep my neighbors’ sanity in tact from my screaming about over each inning of each game.

The last two nights, though, I feel that lap-belt getting tighter and the bar coming down to secure me snuggly into my seat so i’m not able to jump-ship midway through the season, um i mean ‘ride.’

It’s official, i’ve waited in line, taken a deep breath and now let’s get this thing started…twists, turns, ups and downs both welcome and certain!


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