Random thoughts

The 2008 season as officially begun…the Sox are back on US soil and our flights to Baltimore later this summer are booked! In other words, all is right with my baseball world. There’s a certain spirit which overcomes me each time this year. The thought of which Minor League prospect could be the next big thing and which one will fail to meet much-anticipated expectations. Thinking about who could have a breakout year a la Billy Mueller circa 2003 or if there’s going to be a Beckettesque turnaround in season 2 for Daisuke.
The possibilities of where the next five months could lead us, what emotions we’re going to experience (although frustration, exasperation and jubilation come to mind) is one of my most looked-forward to feelings.
Tonight, we watch the Sox at Toronto, in their first of six meetings with the Jays. It’ll be Wakefield on the mound and me on the couch. I love Friday nights in, with a beer in one hand and my favorite Sox fan (other than myself) next to me. I love Saturday afternoon games, breaking up a lazy weekend day with three hours of pure joy. And I love Sunday games, where you watch your local nine and the looming threat of Monday seems to disappear.
Here is to the first real weekend series of the 2008 season…I can not wait.

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