About soxgirl

Let’s see, where do I begin…well, I live
in Merrimack, NH (how exciting!) where I grew up a true New
England sports fan…for as long as I can remember I’ve
wanted to do something with sports but then I realized the
WNBA wouldn’t want me in all of my 5’2 glory…so now I get
to be a sportswriter and write for Minorleaguebaseball.com
and my very own Red Sox blog… I enjoy spending time with my
family (parents and a younger brother)…love my friends
because they see the crazy nut that I am and love me for it!!
I also love to read and be outdoors doing fun things like
playing wiffleball and flag football 🙂 PS…Dude-THIS is
awesome 😉


baseball, football, anything sports,
writing, reading, being with family and friends of